Weka Tangazo Lako Bure: Jaza Form

Tangazo! Tangazo!

Wanachi wote mnakumbushwa kuwa Waziri wa katiba na sheria, Augustine Mahiga, amewataka wananchi wasiokuwa na vyeti vya kuzaliwa kufika ofisi za Wakala wa Usajili, Ufilisi na Udhamini (RITA), kwa ajili ya kujiandikisha na kupewa vyeti vyao vya kuzaliwa. Mheshimiwa Maiga ametoa kauli hiyo Bungeni jijini Dodoma Novemba 11, 2019. Waziri amesisitiza kuwa vyeti vya kuzaliwa ni mhimu inapofika wakati wa mtu kuajiliwa. WANANCHI MSIPUUZIE AGIZO HILI!


Beautiful House for Rent in Iringa!

Are you visiting Iringa and you need short-term accommodations? Jambo Homestay Iringa is your answer! Jambo Homestay in Iringa is a beautiful 4-bedroom, 2-bathroom house available for you and your family for anywhere from one week to 3 months. Jambo Homestay is fully furnished with kitchen services for you to prepare your own meals. It is conveniently located in nice area with security features (wall fence, fire and smoke detector), uninterrupted hot water and electricity supply and so many other features. It will cost you 10 US dollars per night or or 300 US dollars per month. Your will not regret staying in this beautiful house!

For more detail you may email Ester at ester.rweyongeza@gmail.com. You may also fill out the Jambo Homestay Iringa Contact Form below:



The Fall Armyworm

The attached document transcribed in the following blog post outlines the ever-growing threat of the Fall Armyworm that has invaded the African continent on the economic livelihood of her farmers. By providing thorough descriptions and identification tactics of its varying stages as well as steps towards local and national control, the author’s efforts are a direct function of the issue’s pertinence to Iringa and her surrounding regions.

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